Dream India Project [Coming Soon]

This is an effort to connect the entire India and all of its citizens for a common mission and the national goal that is to make our country really a great nation where we, the people of India, live in total justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. If our forefathers have had the responsibility to get independence for the country, then they did their job. Now, its our responsiblity, being Indians, to bring total freedom that we can firmly announce, at the end of our journey, that we not just got our lives in a great nation, but also we made it a great nation. Let our children say proudly - "Mera Bhaarat Mahaan".

This website can be a start, if not the way. This web-based platform is currently under development and few Indians are working continuously on the website. In the meanwhile, any queries, inquiries, suggestions, requests, helps, and support will be welcomed and appreciated by the Dream India Project, the core team, all of its members, and the entire nation.

Thank you for your patience !!!
The website is going to be launched very soon! :)
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